Effective Date: August 16, 2014

Beaver and Sheep Comics Content Policy

Beaver and Sheep Comics is a free platform for visual communication, self-expression and freedom of speech. It is a home where publishers and readers can connect and share visual stories. We pride ourselves with our slogan “We Dream Differently”.

We believe that both We and the publishers are responsible for the content hosted on Beaver and Sheep Comics and as such we feel it necessary to establish an expanding and evolving set of policies that will steer our platform in the best possible direction.

As a home We want everyone, readers and publishers to feel comfortable which is why we’re open to suggestions to help improve these set of rules. Our policies will be subject to change in the future, but this page will always be host to the current most set of policies. Our content policies were created not as a means of punishment towards the publishers but rather to ensure a positive user experience for everyone.

We understand that content requires context. And as such any and all policy regulation is open to review. Suspensions of content and access can be contested by contacting: support@bshcomics.com. We encourage everyone to contact us if they feel that the content violates any of our policies.

It is our aim to be as inclusive as possible in regards to our content policy, we believe that Beaver and Sheep Comics is a home, and that everyone should be able to lend a helping hand in maintaining it as a safe and healthy environment.

Content Boundaries

Adult Material: Beaver and Sheep Comics ALLOWS mature content featuring nudity, non-graphic sex, extreme violence, and strong language as long as it is behind our OVER 18 category. Beaver and Sheep Comics DOES NOT ALLOW pornography or hateful content that targets a specific person or group of any kind. Any content deemed unsuitable that is not behind our OVER 18 will be requested to take action. Failure to comply with this request will result in the comic being taken down. Repeat offenses will result in the suspension or removal of the user’s account.

Copyright Infringement: The use of copyrighted material by parties other than the copyright holders is strictly prohibited on Beaver and Sheep Comics. Our Terms & Conditions outlines additional information regarding our policy of Copyright Infringement.

Malicious Content: Beaver and Sheep Comics reserves the right to deem and suspend any content that might prove to be harmful to individuals. Such examples include:

Enforcement of Beaver and Sheep Comics Policy

Users that come across content violating any of Beaver and Sheep Comics’s policies are encouraged to contact us at support@bshcomics.com. However the suspension of content is reserved to the sole discretion of Beaver and Sheep Comics.

Publishers will be notified immediately when their content is flagged or put on suspension. The content will be placed behind an interstitial that only the Beaver and Sheep Comics will be able to access.